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Ayurvedic Routines for Wellness: Tongue Scraping

With Winter and Kapha season upon us, what are some daily routines we can incorporate into our daily life to promote balance and health?

This post introduces a series of simple Ayurvedic rituals to add to your daily routines with notable benefits.

1. Tongue scraping

When done regularly, this simple Ayurvedic activity has a host of positive benefits: 

- Mitigates foul odor caused by an overgrowth of bacteria

- Improves overall dental health

- Reduces accumulated Ama (toxic residue in the mind-body, which can amass due to poor digestion, improper eating, or imbalances within the gastrointestinal system)

- Balances the heavy and dulling qualities of Kapha Dosha by removing the tongue coating and stimulating the tongue

- Increases digestion and other organ function

- Creates a better communication pathway through the tongue, which improves taste and reduces:

- Overeating

- Heavy salt/sugar/excessive spice usage to make food more flavorful

- Eating at inappropriate times


The tongue should be gently scraped from back to front for 7 to 14 strokes, rinsing the scrapper as needed.