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yoga & meditation.

Leigh most recently taught yoga, self-care, and introspective practices (meditation, pranayama, and visualization) as an Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. 

Her practice and teaching experience in movement and meditation is grounded in her past roles as a professional dancer and choreographer, senior Mysore Ashtanga instructor at Ashtanga Yoga Richmond, and a Mindfulness Instructor at Richmond’s Institute of Contemporary Art. She continues to offer private sessions as a Wellness Consultant and uses her training as a death doula to bring death into a more holistic conversation about living. 

Regardless of modality, Leigh encourages the conscious cultivation of self-reliance, self-discipline, and practices of positive self-reflection. She endeavors to inspire students to wonder and tap into their unique creative spirit, which manifests as balance, energy, and participation as engaged citizens. 

Leigh has maintained a twenty-three-year yoga practice and has taught for the past seventeen years, eleven of which were at the university level. She has participated in six, five and ten-day silent meditation retreats and has gone on six multiple-month trips to India to immerse herself in Ayurvedic and yogic study. She has taught in Boston, MA; Taos, NM; Samara, Costa Rica; and Osaka, Japan.


Leigh currently resides in Wilmington, NC, and continues to study directly under her meditation teacher Pat Buxton.

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