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2 Costa Rica Retreats!

  June 2020

                            6 day Retreat - June 15 - 20

               4 day Family Retreat - June 21 - 24

Guided meditation


Clean food


Balance through Ayurveda


Tools to heal and trasform


Begin or dive deeper into your yoga and meditation practices, while learning to find balance through Ayurveda and healthy living.

All in beautiful Samara Beach, Costa Rica!

This retreat provides an opportunity to delve into profound practices which unearth a deeper sense of self and create a more potent connection with the larger world outside of us.

The Retreat

Included in the Retreat Packages​

  • 6 days, 5 nights at Villa Espavel

    • Amenities include: pool, wifi, patios and kitchens in each villa, and orthopedic mattresses

  • Yoga Practice : 2 classes offered daily

    • Mysore-style Ashtanga, Foundations of Vinyasa yoga (beginners welcome!), or Yoga Lab

  • Daily Meditation​ : Guidance, practice, and discussion

  • Daily workshops:

    • Ayurveda: Theory and how to find balance through practical applications

    • Pranayama: breath as medicine

    • Alignment: themes and variations within practice

    • Practical Discussions & Questions

  • 3 fresh vegetarian/pescatarian meals a day made with love

    • Dietary accommodations made where possible​



Retreat package fees:

  • Singles Options - $1750 - 2300​

  • Couples Options - $1750 - 2625 each

  • Friend Getaway Options - $1550 - 2625 each



  • The town and beautiful beach of Samara are just a short stroll away

  • Assistance arranging private excursions or activities

  • Transportation to the retreat center can be arranged from San Jose Airport or Liberia Airport for an additional fee.

Retreat Packages do not include: flight, transportation, private excursions or activities.


About the retreat center

At this private retreat center nestled just outside of the small beach town of Samara, you will wake to tropical bird calls, practice in the open air treetop yoga space, take a dip in the refreshing pool, and lounge in your hammock after eating a delicious vegetarian/pescatarian meal prepared with love.


A short 2-5 minute bike ride or walk away, you can soothe sore muscles in the warm waters of the beautiful palm tree lined Samara beach, after buying delicious fruit at the local fruit stand.


When adventure calls, there is no shortage of tours and activities, from snorkeling, to getting a massage, to taking a turtle hatching tour.

About Leigh

Leigh has long-term, dedicated Ashtanga, Ayurveda, pranayama, and meditation practices that have led her around the world and then back to Richmond, her hometown.

Through all of these practices and ways of being, Leigh looks to deeply experience life with love, contentment, gratitude, and presence. She seeks authenticity by continually returning to what is true and connecting to what is true in others.

She seeks peace and reflection in nature and turns to art as a means to connect and inspire.

Leigh's love for teaching is a manifestation of these life philosophies in practice. Retreats, an intimate setting in which these core influences are cultivated, grown, and embodied. 

This is yoga, doing yoga.

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