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Video projects and mixed media explorations.

collaborations with morgan.

Relent. (2009)


Relent. is a multimedia collaboration that combines dance, still photography, and video editing. In this piece, movement is created from static imagery, which in turn was created from movement. This technique, in conjunction with the use of words, draws the viewers attention to the concept of constraint, within both art and life, and allows the space for audience members to draw from their own experiences to formulate an overall impression of what is communicated. 

Photography: Morgan Pace Bolton
Dancer: Brinson Leigh Kresge


Garage Resurrection. (2009 - 2012)


This was a shoot that Morgan and I did in Osaka, Japan in 2009. I was experimenting with video effects etc. when the video was lost. Later, I was able to resurrect what was a work very much in progress, here it is. This is far far from my final vision, but sometimes you just have to walk away.
I hope you can enjoy it as is.


In the fishbowl. (2009)


The second Imageography project (still images made to produce a video) collaboration with Morgan Pace Bolton.

Set in Namba Station, Osaka, Japan in the OCAT walkway.

Morgan and i after the fleeting show at the Headspace Arts and Music Festival (2010).

Fleeting. (2010)


Performance at Headspace Arts and Music Festival, Absinthe Cafe, Osaka, Japan April 17th, 2010

Dancer: Brinson Leigh Kresge
Photography: Morgan Pace Bolton
Music: Chris Kresge/ Yann Tiersen

A montage of other works.

(2005 - 2009)


Excerpts from:
-- Relent. (Osaka, Japan 2009) Collaboration with Morgan Pace Bolton
-- Phantasmagoria (Richmond, VA 2006) Dancers: Damion Bond, Katie Dean, Paige Horton, Lauren Morris, Jamie Reynolds, Eleanor Smith, and Megan Zander 
-- Leaving Myself (Osaka, Japan 2009) 
-- Held On (St. Mark's Church, NY 2006) Dancers: Damion Bond and Lauren Morris

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