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teacher trainings 
Please contact Leigh directly if you are interested in having her involved in your Teacher Training.


intro to mysore workshop


1st Sunday of every month at Ashtanga Yoga Richmond 

To sign up visit:

Join Leigh  in this small group format for an introduction to what mysore is and how it works.  During the workshop, students will have the opportunity to discuss their individual needs, ask questions and practice independently with guidance from the teacher.  Students will continue developing their practice over the course of the month by attending 8 intro to mysore classes.

WHAT IS MYSORE?  The traditional method of learning Ashtanga Yoga is called “Mysore Style”. In the Mysore style method, each student has an individualized practice which is developed and overseen by the teacher. Postures are learned one by one, and as they are mastered, the student gradually builds up a personal practice. It is rather like receiving a private class within a group setting with all levels practicing at their own pace.

The beauty of Mysore Style is that you have a practice which is individually tailored to your needs, a routine you practice at your own speed in your own internal mental space. It has a very meditative quality and is adjusted according to age, state of health and flexibility. The instructors are available to teach you the postures, give hands-on adjustments and remind you of the sequencing should you forget. In this way students are able to go deeper into the postures and are able to learn to do things they never thought possible.

A Mysore practice is developed slowly over days, weeks and years so that the student is able to memorize the sequencing and the body is gradually able to adapt to the postures. This is the traditional way of learning yoga, one on one from teacher to student.

Mysore is available to everyone because it teaches yoga according to one’s individual capacity.


yoga & ayurveda workshop:
finding the balance within


Ayurveda seeks to explain life through the perspective that all of nature, all that we see, is composed of the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. In turn, we too are created from the 5 elements and a part of this same system. In Ayurveda, the balance we seek in health, in relationships, in our daily lives, is found by living in harmony with the laws of nature as a part of our natural world. When we live out of sync with natural rhythms, disease and unhappiness follows. At the same time, through an effort to understand and align ourselves with such natural rhythms, we all have an opportunity for become healthier and lead more satisfied lives.


In this 7 hour workshop we will look at a brief history of Ayurveda; it’s relationship with Yoga; and how it is relevant as a tool to find balance within our daily lives. We will discuss basic tenants of the Ayurvedic system as we explore the idea of individual constitutions/doshas and discuss small changes in diet, lifestyle, mental attitude can result in dramatic shifts toward such harmonious living.


Ayurveda asserts that we must create space for healing or transformation to occur. When we take the time out of our action driven lives to learn or view the world through new eyes, we create such space. This workshop is appropriate for those new toAyurveda or for  those who want to deepen their knowledge or see Ayurveda from a new perspective.



restorative yoga and himalayan singing bowls with damion bond


Explore a practice of letting go and rejuvenation through a mindful approach to deeply passive asana while experiencing the subtly powerful resonance of the Himalayan Singing Bowls.

More about Himalayan Singing Bowls: 
Based in a rich Himalayan folk medicine tradition, the use of 7-metal singing bowls, intentionally hand crafted for healing work, are utilized for an effective sound and vibration relaxation/relief technique. These gong baths are effective way to reach a state of bliss and harmony, quieting the mind and allowing for deep sleep, muscle ease, and central nervous system quieting.


More about Damion Bond:




vinyasa & lobo marino 


Join Leigh and Lobo Marino for an organic blend of yoga and music.

Breathe, bend and twist your way through the magic of this unique tribal, folk and world music, which at times becomes a chanting meditation and then unfolds into inspirational beats to keep you sweating. 


More Information about Lobo Marino:


restorative yoga & rejuvenating acupuncture

Finding the Yin Within. 


Honor the Equinox and Solstice with this half-day event that is sure to leave you feeling balanced and refreshed. 


Join Leigh and Pamela Howard LAc. for restorative yoga and acupuncture.


This intimate, 4-hour event will host less than 10 people per session and includes a restorative yoga class, a short informative talk on acupuncture, and an individualized acupuncture session (as well as other treats!).





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