out in the world and covered in dirt.

Leigh’s approach to teaching is influenced by her unique perspective as an artist and active world traveler, and further shaped by her fascination with the confluence of Eastern philosophy, Western psychology, and the psychosomatic experience of our existence.


Her deep well of practice and teaching experience in movement, introspective practices, and yoga is grounded in her roles as a professional dancer and choreographer,  senior Mysore Ashtanga instructor at Ashtanga Yoga Richmond, Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Consultant, trained death doula, Mindfulness Instructor at Richmond’s Institute of Contemporary Art, and as Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. 


She enjoys teaching in a variety of contexts: leading retreats, workshops, teacher trainings as well as in the classroom or yoga shala. Regardless of location and modality she seeks to apply the one on one intimacy and pedagogically sound methodology provided in the Mysore-Ashtanga system, a creative spirit, and by consciously bringing death into a more holistic conversation about living. 


Leigh has dedicated most of her adult life to exploring these realms via: the daily Ashtanga practice that she has maintained for seventeen years; exploration of vinyasa and principles of martial arts; pranayama and meditation practices; participation in a number of five and ten day silent meditation retreats; six multiple-month trips to India to completely immerse herself in

Ayurvedic and yogic study; and living, studying, teaching yoga in Japan for over two years, and her training as a death doula.


The subcurrents of impermanence and the psychosomatic interaction inherent in Ashtanga yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, and pranayama are woven into the fabric of all of Leigh’s teaching modalities, her poetry, her other artistic expressions, and her daily life.

With profound gratitude she recognizes those teachers who continue to impact her life expression: Rolf and Marci Naujokat, Sharath Jois, David Frawley, Alaknanada Puri (Gangotri), and Pat Buxton. 

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