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A little about why:

By developing a consistent asana practice which consciously attends to breath and movement, we can cleanse the physical body and begin to quiet the chatter of the mind. 


As we move deeper in our practice,

we soften into an awareness of breath,

we sense the stillness within movement, we return

to a deeper, more steady, permanent self that exists beyond the bounds of the external world. 


In this  growing awareness of  inner self, we allow for understanding and softness in the way we see ourselves, and as reflected in the way we relate to our fellow beings and surrounding world. 


Art is a medium to explore this interconnectedness, to reflect, to inspire. To return home to each other.


Yoga Asana:


In the physical  practice, the subtle movement inherent in breath is deliberately magnified into outward expression of form.


This expression, as deliberately magnified, transcends the yoga mat, becoming an artwork woven through the fabric of  life, in the way exhales and inhales weave through us.


An artwork that is the expression of life through us.


Each return to the mat is an opportunity to let go of what isn't needed. Every rise from bed is a call to release the untruths of identity. Every exhale, a chance to drop into the experience of our body from the inside. Return to the awareness of being in the "ness" we create living.


I am where I am because of others, their teachings, their inspiration.

I always strive to remain true to their spirit, teachings, and memories. 

Thank you also to those who keep my body moving: Libbie Karalow, Dr. Milan Lassiter, and Anna Bender.

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